3D Eye Examination

3D Pascal Eye examination enables the entire monocular refraction under binocular conditions as a modern 3D refraction system. This provides more natural and precise measurement of refracive error.
The patient sees separate images for the right and left eye during the entire refraction. The separation takes place in the phoropter or measuring lenses with special filters. 

A 3D monitor is used to display optical test objects,which separates the images, line by line, with circular polarisation. The eamination uses 3D vision tests which patients sees on a 3D-TV. The optometrist controls the testing with an Apple iPad.

Final dioptric correction is more comfortable for the patient.

Img.: The 3D Eye Examination offers the unique experience for the patient.

Img.: The Pascal 3D Eye Examination contains over 80 tests in ten different categories.