Types of Contact Lenses

Disposable soft contact lenses

Daily wear contact lenses - these lenses are removed each day before the night. They have to be replaced based on recommended replacement schedule. Disposable contact lenses are each day removed from the eye, cleaned by special solution.

According to recommended replacement we recognize:

  • 2 Weeks wear contact lenses
  • Monthly wear contact lenses
  • 6 months wear contact lenses
  • 12 months wear contact lenses
  • One-day contact lenses - disposable, meaning they are discarded each day (after the use). One-day contact lenses are the best choice for people who are occasional contact lens wearers. Each morning you use a fresh, sterile contact lens from the new blister. In the evening you just have to throw it away. Meaning no cleaning is necessary. This decrease the risk of infection.

Extended wear contact lenses – these contact lenses do not have to be removed from the eye before the night. They can be worn both – during the day and night too.
All contact lenses must be after their removing from the eyes carefully cleaned before fitting them in the eyes again. For this purpose, use contact lens solutions.

According to type of correction:

  • Spherical (single vision)
  • Torical contact lenses are used to correct astigmatism.
  • Bifocal contact lenses – To correct presbyopia (they correct the vision for far and for near so the combine the correction of farsightedness and presbyopia).
  • Multifocal contact lenses – Offer the best correction of presbyopia, because the provide the sharp vision for all distances.

Color contact lenses

You can choose from slightly colored contact lenses (enhancement tint), these contact lenses cannot change the color of your eye, but they enhance the natural color of your eyes.
Opaque tint contact lenses are made of non-transparent color material, which enables to change the color of your eyes completely. Color contact lenses come in a wide range of colors, including, brown, hazel, green, blue, violet…

Crazy contact lenses 

Are intended for some special occasion – like Halloween or so. They are different kinds (werewolf eyes or some pictures).

Img 2.: Example of crazy contacts.

1. Wash your hands so that you don't transfer dirt and germs to your eye. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel.
2. Remove one lens and clean it with the recommended solution. Cleaning removes eye-produced buildup, cosmetics and other debris that impairs lens comfort. It is also recommended to rub the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution.
3. Rinse the lens again to remove the loosened deposits.
4. Place the lens in your clean lens case or lens holder and fill with fresh solution; don't "top off" your old solution. Disinfecting kills microorganisms on the lens. Disinfection time varies from product to product; check the package for details.
5. Repeat steps two through four for your other lens.

Img.: Always clean your lenses after their removal from the eye.

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